Food Logging -> A Key to Fat Loss


A lot of people think that keeping a food journal is more of a hindrance than actually doing you any good in the long run and to be honest, they are 100% wrong. Though I do have to fully admit that keeping a food journal does take time, and effort, also patience over a period of time because you need to find out what works for you, because maybe a Sunday evening during maybe a meal prep session is the best time for you to jot down everything you are going to eat that week. Sometimes planning it the evening before the next day works for people so they have a little variety in their diet.


But at the end of the day, logging what you eat in the day IS going to help you lose weight, because you will physically be able to see what you are consuming and then if you have any sort of fitness tracker, like a fitbit you can also track how much you are burning during your session which makes this process so much easier.


Keeping a food journal also doesn’t take as much time as people think, usually you can bash it all out within a half hour period and you are set for the week. But this will come from learning what is actually in your food and when you do that, you will definitely be able to keep eating the things that you love in moderation and achieve your goals.


Different food trackers:


Now, you could also do it the old fashion way and keep an actual journal, pen and paper and write down everything you need to know. I know people who have whiteboard charts on their fridges that tells them everything they are going to consume in the day or week alongside their exercise regime. A bonus to this is that you can physically see it in front of you whenever you are getting tempted by whatever lurks in the fridge.


Another way is Apps. The best one for me personally is my custom Impetus Fit Coaching APP. It’s very easy to log everything in and if you want to you can just scan the barcode and it does it for you. Fantastic for people who are on the go most of the time but need to know what their diet entails on certain days and also for those sneaky treats that you can slip into your macros every once in a while.


Another suggestion, there’s watches now like FitBit where you can also log everything that you are doing during the day. Though the app is not as high spec as an App called MyFitnessPal it still does the trick.

So, in summation, the best thing to do when you undertake getting yourself a food journal is to be honest with yourself. Track that chocolate bar if you have one because then you can see how much extra work you need to do, or what you need to change over the next week or so to make up for it. 

No one here is trying to stop you from eating foods that you love, but i do want you to become the best possible versions of yourselves and little steps like this can really help.


Now, if you need any help achieving your fitness goals! Feel free to drop me a message for a chat!

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