The one thing that a lot of people love doing these days is making excuses and then on the flip side, something that a lot of people hate in this current generation is being told when they are making excuses. This is why people won’t be honest with you and tell you when you are making excuses because it is uncomfortable, they also know that you don’t want to hear it.


So instead people will nod and tell you that you are doing okay, when you clearly aren’t to save your feelings. Difference is I am not your close friend, I am your fitness coach here on the internet and at the end of the day everything that I put out there is to help you, not to harm you. So I’m going to tell you what your friends may be keeping from you.


You do not have a slow metabolism – you are just eating too much.

A lot of people say that they either have a fast or slow metabolism but actually according to research the range of most people metabolism is very small, and the majority of people fall in the middle. This is because if your metabolism was to be slower, or less than a lot of people then it is actually a health issue and you could be seriously ill from it.


Now it is the same the opposite way, a high metabolism produces more heat in your body and in turn you could over heat. Now, people typically underestimate their calorie intake and then overestimate how much exercise they are doing and that is why that balance is out, it has nothing to do with your metabolism.


Natural” body type.


Genetics is not always why you look the way that you do. That is a simple fact, a builder working all day on a site is going to look different from someone who is sitting at a desk all day and only doing an hour of cardio in the evening. The food you put past your lips also factors into this, you eat a lot of bloating food like bread then it will not help your gut function which will give you that bloated look because your gut is inflamed. Sleep, hormones, stress levels a lot of things actually contribute to your physique so it isn’t just because that is the way you think you look naturally.


You’ve got to be like everyone else.


This is a common thing that we hear a lot, thanks to the beauty of social media and actually to be honest society in general, there are a lot of people out there that we ‘think’ we should look like. People who like pop music want you to like pop music. It is a lot easier to go through life being the same as everyone else, it is much harder to break out of the system than to stay in the circle.



It happens and we all should know it by now, it is why a lot of people don’t even want to step into a gym. It is why sometimes women don’t want to train in the free weight section and men don’t want to be seen doing too much cardio. Now, even people who are in shape and look like they know what they are doing have the same feeling from time to time, but they use it in a different manner. Instead of shying away from it, they will use it to fuel themselves further. So that is the choice you have, you can either succumb to it, or use it to your favour.


People who are successful do not want to open up about their hard work – and usually it is your fault.

The problem here is that a lot of people lie about how much work they needed to do in order to achieve a certain goal, a weight goal, a career goal etc. The reason why they don’t tell you is because when they do, you get angry about it. A lot of people would much rather see success as luck than a lot of hard work and a lot of downfalls.


Last but not least. You need to remember that what got you to the point you are right now will not get you to the next level. You have to do so much more, adapt and change to an environment to be able to continuously move up the ladder.

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